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SOLiD Joins Panduit Partner Program

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Panduit, a Unified Physical Infrastructure (UPI)-based solutions provider, has announced that SOLiD, a provider of distributed antenna systems (DAS), is the newest member of its Technology Ecosystem Partner Program. The combination of Panduit UPI and SOLiD DAS will provide customers with interoperable solutions that ensure  enterprise-wide wireless coverage.

SOLiD’s DAS solutions and Panduit infrastructure solutions provide end-users with:

  • Integrated high-performance wireless and public safety coverage;
  • User-friendly wireless technology that also keeps user data secure; and
  • Improved customer service and support.

“Our partnership with Panduit is important because it allows us to combine our DAS expertise with a company known for solving the challenging and constantly changing wireless infrastructure needs of enterprises and building owners,” said Seth Buechley, President of SOLiD. “We look forward to working closely with Panduit to improve wireless communications capacity and coverage for our customers and to make indoor radio communications more reliable for first responders during emergencies.”



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