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BMC Marketplace Offers Branded App Store For IT Companies

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The Problem:
App stores have become a common trend across a wide range of industries. Whether they’re in retail, cloud computing or IT software, companies are striving to set up marketplaces where they can sell their applications in a branded environment.

However, the amount of time and resources needed to integrate a virtual marketplace into a web site often overshadows the potential return. As 25% of large companies expect to offer an enterprise app store by 2017, businesses need to streamline the process of rolling out an app marketplace.

The Solution: The BMC Marketplace is a cloud-based app store for companies looking to sell mobile, cloud and desktop applications through their web site. The BMC Marketplace offers lead generation and transaction processing to help customers get off to a quick start as they roll out their app stores.

Unlike other app store platforms that take months for companies to implement, BMC Marketplace allows users to launch their new marketplace in a matter of weeks, while also offering a lower total cost of ownership. The solution is designed to help companies meet customer expectations and offer value-added partners new channels through which they can market and sell.

The Perks: This turnkey solution offers users new social commerce capabilities, which enables customers to publish ratings and reviews regarding the variety of products available.



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