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ON24 Unveils Webinar Engagement Score, Integration Service

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 12.19.42 PMThe Problem: The webinar has been spotlighted as tried and true marketing channel to effectively engage prospects and partners. But with buyers today becoming more savvy and analytical during the buying journey, there are several factors businesses need to consider while planning, promoting and following up after presentations. 

The Solution: ON24, a provider of webinar and virtual communication solutions, has made several enhancements, offering new integration with CRM and marketing automation platforms. The company also unveiled the ON24 Engagement Score, which is designed to help webcast producers better understand the performance of each presentation and the quality of leads generated.

The ON24 Integration Service enables key metrics to be delivered from ON24-hosted webinars to popular CRM and marketing automation platforms, including Eloqua, ExactTarget, HubSpot, Marketo, Microsoft CRM, NetSuite,, and Silverpop. As a result, all registration and activity data from ON24 webinars can be pushed into systems and eventually, delivered to partners.  Integration only needs to be set up once for all company webinars. Reporting metrics can be delivered to company systems on a daily or more frequent basis. 

The Perks: More than 30 types of metrics can be relayed to marketing automation and CRM systems, including campaign information, user registration and viewing duration, as well as polls, questions, surveys and user responses. And with the release of the new ON24 Engagement Score, a proprietary algorithm can calculate core factors of a successful webinar, including: Duration of webcast views; number of widgets opened in the console; the number of complementary documents viewed; number and quality of poll responses and surveys. These factors are aggregated into scores of 0-10, and then are passed to CRM and marketing automation solutions. As a result, vendors and their channel partners have actionable insights regarding participant engagement, improving the accuracy and effectiveness of lead scoring and nurturing strategies. 



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