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Trapit Streamlines Content Curation

The Problem:
Up to 57% of marketers share 10 or more pieces of content every day to engage their customers, according to research from Trapit. However, 45% of marketers say they typically don’t meet their curation goals and are not equipped to share the variety or number of resources they should.

The Solution: Trapit has made several enhancements to its service to facilitate authentic storytelling. Designed to address the needs of marketers, agencies, publishers and sales teams, Trapit helps users find and publish content targeted to their audiences in real time, at the right time and on any device.

Drawing from a library of more than 100,000 sources, including blogs, professional journals, news services, magazines and video feeds, Trapit combines human and data-driven discovery to ensure users have access to and can seamlessly share content with their partners, prospects and end-users.

Algorithms index, analyze, rate and remove duplicate content. Assets are then organized into individually categorized, digestible and relevant information streams. Content also is scored based on relevance to the individual curator before it is presented on the user interface. Users can then pick and choose content, and schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or a live content feed on their own site, blog or custom mobile app. Trapit offers rules-based automation so the application can sift through and organize content based on user needs.

The Perks: Curators can perform detailed analysis on overall engagement levels for specific pieces, including “likes” or comments. As a result, users have complete visibility into how content resonates with their audience and then tailor their strategies appropriately.

Current Trapit customers include Astro Consumer Entertainment Group, Beamly, Deloitte, Hearsay Social, Prime Media and SGI. 



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