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MyLeads2Go Streamlines Channel Lead Gen, Content Management

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 4.16.17 PMThe Problem: Many organizations spend an exorbitant amount of time and resources to produce compelling content for their audiences. Unfortunately, CRM and channel communications systems are not geared to help sales teams and channel partners take advantage of content marketing and efficiently track leads while on the go. 

As a result, sales teams are unable to participate in real-time communication and information sharing with prospects, and don’t have access to detailed reporting regarding lead activities.

The Solution: The ALEA Group is a lead generation consulting company for B2B organizations headquartered in Toronto, Canada. MyLeads2Go is ALEA’s online lead generation program.

Although MyLeads2Go initially launched in 2013, The ALEA Group has unveiled a new app for Android users who participate in the channel partner lead generation and content management programs. [k1] 

The app is designed to:

  • Facilitate real-time communication and content management for manufacturers within their channels;
  • Enable sales teams to view and accept leads anytime, anywhere; and
  • Provide access to content, resources and information, as well as comprehensive reporting on lead activity.

The Perks: The mobile channel app for MyLeads2Go touts a smart dashboard presenting an on the go, 360-degree view of activity within the channel. Users can see new leads available, leads generated, leads expired, accepted leads, sales in progress, leads rescheduled, leads closed and any other customized data fields required by the organization. When channel partners accept a lead, manufacturers can provide them with the resources and content that can help them convert to close the deal faster, better. The app includes enhanced content management, allowing users to access learning resources such as webinars, training videos, white papers and case studies.



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