Traacker Helps Build Relationships With Social Influencers

The Problem:
Although more executives are using social media to discover solutions and access relevant content, it is sometimes difficult for solution providers to capture their attention. By tapping into industry influencers, vendors and their partners can form valuable relationships and build trust among their communities.

The Solution: Traackr is an influencer management platform that is designed to help users discover new influencers, nurture key relationships and measure the overall impact of the company’s engagement efforts.

The platform is positioned as a one-stop location where marketers can manage all of their influencer relationships. Traackr offers discovery and management capabilities intended to aid users in finding the right people that can have a positive impact on their prospective buyer’s decisions.

Users can search for influencers based on conversation topics, geo-targeting and relevant keywords to find the right influencers promoting conversation on topics that clue marketers in on buying intent. Users also can upload any existing contacts that they have, and begin collecting information on conversations they may have overlooked.

Once users select relevant influencers, Traackr can create thorough profiles that provide a complete, holistic view of a particular influencer’s activity. The profiles can also track influencers’ content activity, highlighting what they are talking about to help boost relevancy and personalize engagement.

These profiles also indicate scores of each individual influencer, including:

  • The influencer’s overall reach in a particular market;
  • The resonance an influencer’s content has within a community; and
  • The overall relevance an influencer has in a particular market.

Traackr also can generate targeted and actionable reports that measure the overall value of each relationship and provide results in an easy-to-read format.

The Perks: Traackr collects information from social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, among others. The platform also analyzes conversations happening on popular blog sites like Tumblr, Digg and WordPress — and also follows the influencer’s RSS feed.

Real-time listening capabilities can track conversations among high-profile contacts, monitor which publications and content influencers share the most and leverage built-in engagement tools to engage with influencers at the right time.

The solution also has built-in project and campaign management tools designed to help users create projects around specific initiatives, events or even product launches.



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