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Study: 60% Of Channel Partners Say Poor Supplier Technology Hinders Profitability

Relayware LogoBy Brian Anderson, Associate Editor

A study from Relayware finds that that 60% of channels partners blame inadequate supplier technology for subpar profitability.

The study, titled: Partnering Automation Benchmarks, surveyed more than 150 channel partners to identify how suppliers transact business with their partners. While many channel partners are integrating cloud solutions into their portfolios, their supplier vendors are grappling with how to best communicate and collaborate with partners about this new model, the study revealed.

Nearly two thirds (65%) of channel partners say that their primary vendors’ systems do a good job of providing support, business intelligence and custom price quotes, while they find secondary vendors’ systems lacking. Almost half (44%) of respondents reported that they work with more than 15 vendors, and 36% say they work with between six and 15 vendors.

Marketing and sales tools, training and support are the top three capabilities channel partners want from their primary vendors’ systems. Nearly two thirds of partners log into their primary vendor’s portal less than once per day, citing lack of support as the reason.

“The relationship between suppliers and their channel partners should be an open two-way street, but frequently it’s not,” said Veronica Brunwin, Chief Product Officer at Relayware.  “In today’s need it now, need it fast world, having just a partner portal is not enough. More channel partners are voting with their feet and choosing suppliers that offer more modern, cloud-based systems that give the real-time support and business intelligence they need, when they need it.”




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