Trapit And Addvocate Merge To Streamline Content Curation

addvocate-trapit-logoA successful content strategy requires a mix of original, curated and syndicated content. However, marketers sometimes don’t always have the time or resources to create this optimal mix.

While marketers spend approximately 28% of their time on content marketing, they said they’d spend nearly half of their time on content marketing efforts if time limitations didn’t exist, according to research from Trapit.

The content discovery, curation and analysis service provider is addressing these content marketing challenges by merging with Addvocate, a content marketing platform designed to help employees produce, curate and share content.

The combined company — renamed Addvocate-Trapit — is positioned to offer a cloud-based subscription service that includes:

  • A content library of more than 100,000 content sources;
  • The option to receive a real-time feed of timely content based on a variety of topics; and
  • Automated analytics that identify which content is working best among target audiences.

With the merger news, Addvocate-Trapit also announced the closing of $10 million in Series B funding, led by Rogers Venture Partners. Several Trapit investors, including Astro Digital Sdn Bhd, Southeast Asia’s largest satellite broadcast company, also providing funding to the company.

The cloud-based subscription service will empower organizations to turn their employees and partners into brand advocates and thought leaders, helping them produce and share content among their followers and further amplify the company’s brand message. The service can also format shareable content for social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+.

Through its proprietary library, Addvocate-Trapit will enable marketers to develop a unique voice, providing useful and significant content to social followers. Content sources include blogs, professional journals, news services, magazines, podcasts and more than 10,000 video channels. All sources are examined and approved by human editors to ensure only high quality, original content is provided.

“For the first time, marketers now have a single platform that provides a complete workflow for the discovery, curation, delivery, amplification, and analysis of unique content, eliminating the massive time and dollar investment required to create all original brand content,” said Gary Griffiths, CEO of the combined company and Co-Founder of Trapit. “No longer do marketers need to manage dozens of disparate marketing tools to initiate and analyze their engagement with their target audiences.”



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