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QuotaDeck Uses Crowdsourcing To Make Sales Introductions

The Problem:
Today’s buyers are looking for more personal and relevant engagements with solution providers. As a result, traditional tactics such as cold calling no longer hold much weight. Instead, buyers are looking to be introduced to industry experts and thought leaders through their personal connections and social circles.

The Solution: QuotaDeck is a B2B sales platform designed to help users crowdsource introductions to prospects that fit their target audience and market. The platform positions B2B sales teams to expand their individual networks with a more personalized form of engagement initiated by mutual introductions. The platform is designed to help users stay top-of-mind with their prospects, reduce time to close and increase conversion rates with more personalized engagement. Users can send introduction requests to relevant influencers based on three target areas: job title; Industry; and location.

The Perks: Users can sync their contacts from LinkedIn, Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. Users are incented to continuously make introductions through a points-based system. Points can then be used by sales reps to make their own requests for introductions to target audiences and markets. This gamified formula aims to increase engagement within the platform, while also positioning users to meet their quotas by having a healthy arsenal of contacts.

Each introduction is verified through a double opt-in process, meaning both the user and the potential prospect have to express interest before the introduction is made. This is designed to prevent spamming, while also increasing the prospect’s lead score by identifying buying intent.



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