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FotoWare Enables Consistent Use and Distribution of Your Most Important Images, Graphics and Videos

The Problem: In the ever growing demand for content, ensuring consistent branding through channel partners is becoming more challenging. All too often, partners use images, graphics and videos incorrectly in their presentations. And with increasing use of your images on partner websites, blogs or social media, you may be unaware of where and how graphics are being used.

The Solution: FotoWare offers a web-based, self-service media bank that helps teams organize, manage and distribute photos, graphics and videos in a consistent and congruent way.

Assets can be organized with custom metadata and taxonomies that help you easily find files, both within your media bank and in any of your publishing tools. You can enable marketers to collaborate on individual files or groups of files using the integrated chat feature for immediate feedback. Approval workflows can be created to ensure all images are brand compliant.

Our central repository for all visual content enables the sharing of one correct version. Different sizes and formats can be rendered in just one click, without the need of specialty software. Anyone from your organization or partner network can access correctly tagged and licensed images directly in Word, PowerPoint and Adobe InDesign. Integration with web CMS through the FotoWare API ensures your important assets are always published correctly and enables you to publish and revoke content on demand.

The Perks: FotoWare helps to ensure that your partners are using all of the images and videos you share in an authorized and brand compliant manner. The easy-to-access database encourages greater use of your visual images maximizing the investments you make in them. Equally important to your bottom line, FotoWare reduces the costs associated with distributing images, monitoring use, and expiring out-of-date graphics.

FotoWare is available on the Azure Marketplace and as a pre-configured SaaS in the Azure Cloud.



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