LogicBay Launches ChannelStack: Integrates Best-of-Breed Technologies into Its PRM Solution

LogicBay Corporation, a company that helps clients build, scale and optimize their sales channels, announced the release of its ChannelStack technology solution. Built on the solid foundation of LogicBay’s Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution, ChannelStack is designed to help companies achieve revenue growth by providing solutions needed in the sales channel such as partner onboarding, lead flow management, partner training and enablement, and monitoring key metrics.

“Our ChannelStack offering combines the strength of our core product with the power of tightly integrated best-of-breed applications to address the business requirements and workflows of companies managing and selling through the indirect channel,” said Dave Goulet, Chief Technology Officer at LogicBay.

The new solution enables companies to easily manage connections to additional off-the-shelf or in-house applications that cater to their unique requirements and infrastructure. “Everything comes together in our core PRM module to offer a very flexible solution for managing partner hierarchies, managerial relationships, content access, lead flow, certification, and more,” said Goulet.

Among the technologies that are integrated into ChannelStack are those from solution providers including SproutLoud, Brainshark, Sisense, Videonitch, DocuSign, Hawk Incentives, and Slack. “Companies can choose to add as many or as few of these solutions to their ChannelStack,” said Seth Jacobsen, LogicBay’s VP,Sales & Marketing. “Licensing agreements for selected solutions are automatically included in ChannelStack pricing,” he explained, “which helps to streamline the process of building out a comprehensive channel management solution.”

If companies are already running any of these technologies, integrating existing implementations into their ChannelStack is frictionless. Likewise, other channel management and marketing solutions can be easily integrated into the technology.

For companies that want to scale an indirect channel from scratch, ChannelStack has the entire package of functionality needed by a channel manager in one integrated, software stack.  “We don’t buy a car one major component at a time and then try to put it together ourselves and expect it to work. In the software space we seem to have that mentality,” said Jacobsen.

The ease with which best-of-breed or in-house applications can be added to ChannelStack enables it to scale to the needs of a wide range of channel-focused companies. Jacobsen said that ChannelStack can be configured to align with partner programs at emerging growth companies, established vendors that are scaling programs to meet new requirements, as well as large, global companies that are focused on continuous improvement.