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Perks WW Launches Module to Simplify Co-Op, MDF Management for Complex Sales Channels

Perks WW Channel, a premier provider of channel incentive solutions, has launched a new market development funds (MDF) module that is designed to simplify Co-Op or MDF program management for complex sales channels with varying go-to-market models. The new  Enterprise Engagement Engine (E3) MDF application is designed to help marketers create, tailor, and manage programs quickly and easily to address the unique needs of different channel segments and geographies.

The application is offered by Perks Worldwide as part of an end-to-end solution that includes program strategy, compliance management, payments, and user support as a managed service.

Craig DeWolf, who has joined the company’s executive team as Vice President, Marketing Enablement, will work within the Perks WW Channel business unit to spearhead the growth of the marketing enablement practice beginning with the EMDF solution.

The new module quickly adapts to support new channel and funding models and provides better insight into how marketing investment aligns with business initiatives, the company said. Additionally, E3 seamlessly integrates MDF with an optional Partner Planner and Campaign Marketplace, delivering a robust marketing enablement solution designed to empower vendors to improve the ROI of promotional allowance investment while offering more relevant, tailored programming to their channel partners.

Craig DeWolf, VP, Marketing Enablement, Perks WW

The E3 MDF module is offered as part of the Perks Worldwide E3 incentive platform, providing marketers with a full suite of incentive programs designed to pre- and post-sales behaviors across the entire channel ecosystem for their clients. Current E3 clients with MDF functionality will be able to “turn on” the new MDF solution within their existing dashboard. New customers can deploy the application as part of the E3 suite or as a standalone MDF/Co-Op solution.

“Despite the popularity of MDF and Co-Op programs with marketers as a way to promote sales and marketing enablement to their channel partners, most of the solutions available today are inflexible and cumbersome to use, for marketers and channel partners alike,” said Claudio Ayub, Chief Strategy Officer at Perks WW. “When designing the product, we focused on improving configurability and ease of use for all users.”

In his new role, DeWolf’s is charged with augmenting the company’s channel enablement incentives management portal to “empower vendor companies to transform themselves and engage with their partners in entirely new ways,” said Ayub. “Craig is a welcome addition to the Perks WW family. His expertise and vision in the channel marketing enablement space are recognized by channel chiefs worldwide.”