Channel Marketer Report


TIE Kinetix Partners with Google to Launch Digital Marketing Transformation for the Channel Program

TIE Kinetix, a partner automation solution provider, announced an exclusive digital marketing transformation program. Developed and delivered in partnership with Google, the program is designed to help channel organizations help their partners adopt digital marketing best practices.

The Digital Marketing Transformation for the Channel program was specifically developed for and is limited to organizations with an indirect sales channel that markets and sells their products. Participants will receive exclusivity in the markets they participate in, free media starter budget, and access to industry experts and information in online advertising, digital transformation and channel marketing solutions. As a result, only a limited number of spots are available, explained Emile van de Klok, Managing Director at TIE Kinetix International.

Participants get access to proprietary Google data and research, benchmark information and learnings from other anonymized program participants. They also receive their own live campaign data to make fact-based optimizing decisions throughout the program and transformation process.

The program is designed to help participating companies maximize the amount of leads and business through channel partners. Among other things, the program is expected to help companies:

  • Digitally transform their channel partners with online marketing and online visibility
  • Provide insights in the customer journey and full visibility in the digital/online marketing performance of their channel partners
  • Reduce the cost of running digital activities and campaigns together with their channel partners

“We are very excited about the new digital marketing transformation program for channel organizations. Together with Google, we noticed the gap in the market and the potential to deliver digital marketing capabilities for smaller SME resellers of brands/vendors” stated Jan Sundelin, CEO of TIE Kinetix in a press release. “What we realized was that resellers don’t choose to not adopt digital marketing, they simply struggle to do this on their own. Through this combined program with Google, we see big opportunities for our customers to increase demand and sales within their channel community.”