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ZINFI Enhances DIY Capabilities of Its PRM SaaS Application

ZINFI Technologies, Inc., a provider of unified channel management (UCM) solutions, through-channel marketing automation technology and partner relationship management (PRM) platforms, has launched a set of next-generation, do-it-yourself capabilities for its partner relationship management SaaS application.

The new capabilities were developed to address issues resulting from the rapid evolution of channel marketing automation, said the company in a press release. According to ZINFI, many of the PRM solutions in today’s marketplace are hardcoded, difficult to modify, and require extensive and costly professional services to deploy and manage.

ZINFI introduced a variety of do-it-yourself tools in its 9.x version of its unified channel management (UCM) platform earlier this year. Now the company reports that it has significantly enhanced the capabilities of these core feature sets which now include:

  • FlexiFlow– With this tool, system administrators can build custom workflows using drag-and-drop process flow diagrams and easily build pages, forms, system alert logic and reporting. The newest capabilities allows customers to build multiple workflows for the same application and vary them by region, partner tier and other parameters.
  • CENTRi– This capability already allows customers to more efficiently manage a set of connectors to link to third-party systems like CRM, ERP and marketing automation platforms. ZINFI has added advanced capabilities that customers can use without ZINFI’s assistance, and connect the platform to their own sub-systems.
  • EDISON– ZINFI’s business intelligence and reporting capability allows users to build customized reports, and develop cross-application correlation scenarios to understand which channel programs drive better partner performance and productivity.
  • FluidCMS– This toolset empowers ZINFI customers with a do-it-yourself content management system (CMS) that allows administrators to create web pages, upload assets and create dynamic campaign content on their own.
  • SPPL– ZINFI’s Smart Page Programming Language (SPPL) now allows customers to leverage ZINFI’s FluidCMS to create web pages that are hyper-personalized (with specialized content blocks, assets, application widgets, and more) to ensure individual users see only the content and applications that are relevant to them in each portal page they access.

“Our customers have been asking for fully configurable software that doesn’t require them to spend professional services fees to set up or modify their application logic,” said Sugata Sanyal, founder and CEO of ZINFI. “This latest release of our platform fulfills that request, significantly reducing implementation and management costs, and exponentially speeding up platform configuration time.”

The company is planning to extend these capabilities globally through its rapidly evolving ZINFI Agency Partner Program (ZAPP) network, allowing agency partners to leverage these tools and rapidly deploy ZINFI solutions for its customer base, said Sanyal.