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Winn Technology Group, Averetek Partner On Collaborative Marketing Solutions

Winn Technology Group and Averetek have entered into a strategic partnership, establishing collaborative marketing solutions for clients in the technology sector.

The partnership between Winn and Averetek will expand the combined expertise of both firms in the channel marketing arena. Averetek, a provider of channel marketing software, has enhanced its lead generation platform with the direct marketing, tele-prospecting, digital marketing, and demand generation capabilities of Winn, a full-service marketing agency.

The partnership will provide brands using the Averetek platform with effective campaigns that can be shared directly with their channel partners, explained Alan Feldman, head of business development at Winn. “We have the expertise and experience to provide companies with a wide range of ready-to-use marketing campaigns that can be customized to address any client’s goals and budget,” he explained.

Winn will also refer Averetek’s channel partner portal solution to its global client base.

“The relationship between Winn Technology Group and Averetek brings together critical components of a channel marketing strategy: the integration of marketing automation with account-based, call-centric marketing,” stated Geoff Swallow,Winn’s President and CEO, in a press release.  “The market can now access an extremely cost-effective, integrated solution that brings two leading offerings together to drive a strong return on marketing investment.”

The number of collaborations between channel marketing technology providers and marketing agencies is growing. Earlier this year, ZINFI Technologies, a supplier of unified channel management solutions, announced a program to enable marketing agencies, channel consultants, and CRM system integrators to set up and configure the ZINFI platform on behalf of their clients.

ZINFI said that it recognized that many companies lack the internal resources to create and upload sufficient content to optimize channel marketing solutions, or to configure more complex workflows. The ZINFI Agency Partner Program (ZAPP) will enable a global ecosystem of service providers to help companies use the tools more efficiently and affordably.

Stephen Ceplenski, the newly appointed Chief Growth Officer at Allbound, told Channel Marketer Report that recruiting “a small set of agencies” that could help his clients generate the strategies and related content PRM solutions support or deliver is a priority. Channel marketers “need content, and you need specific content personalized for your target market, and your sales processes,” he said. “Agencies and content are just key – as they have always been.”

The demand for agency-provided channel marketing services is expected to climb significantly. According to Forrester’s report on through-channel marketing automation, thousands of digital marketing agencies will grow to generate $2 billion in related services in the next five years.