ZINFI Invites Marketing Agencies, Channel Consultants to Resell, Set Up and Configure Its Channel Management Solutions

ZINFI Technologies, Inc., a supplier of unified channel management solutions, is enabling marketing agencies, channel consultants, and CRM system integrators to set up and configure the ZINFI platform on behalf of their clients.

ZINFI recognizes that many vendors lack the internal resources to create and upload sufficient content to optimize channel marketing solutions, or to configure more complex workflows.

The new ZINFI Agency Partner Program (ZAPP) changes the landscape for these companies by enabling a global ecosystem of service providers to help them use the tools more efficiently and affordably, said ZINFI founder and CEO Sugata Sanyal.

ZINFI will recruit and train new partners to build a recurring services business that maximizes the channel infrastructure investments made by their clients. The company cited a recent blog by Jay McBain, Forrester’s principal analyst – global channel, in which he noted that through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) software sales will grow to $1.18 billion by 2023. Thousands of digital marketing agencies will help the broader TCMA market grow with an additional $2 billion of services revenue over the same period.

Sanyal noted in a press release that channel consultants and marketing agencies have expressed interest in opportunities to resell the company’s products and services.

“We knew that it would take true commitment to help partners succeed in this rapidly evolving market segment,” he said. “The simplicity and elegance of ZINFI’s new 9.x architecture is a big step forward, and we now feel we are ready to invest our knowledge, expertise and global presence in an agency partner network that can provide world-class solutions to this fast-emerging market.”

ZINFI said the program will help it expand its customer base of technology and manufacturing verticals to includes healthcare, financial, insurance and retail companies, among others.

The ZAPP initiative is the latest step in ZINFI’s mission to build an effective and comprehensive set of channel management solutions. ZINFI’s architecture comes with a set of content upload and workflow configuration tools that channel partners can use to provide a broad range of automated channel marketing and sales services.