Channel Marketer Report


6-Session Bootcamps Drill Participants on How to Accelerate Development of Successful Channel Programs

AchieveUnite, a provider of consultancy services and business programs for channel-focused companies, has launched a six-week course designed to help professionals develop and deliver a unique channel strategy that fits their business needs and drives value for their partners. The course, called the Channel Acceleration Bootcamp, has been designed to help participants understand the fundamentals for building a channel including critical success factors and the key elements of strategy and partner program creation.

“It’s becoming imperative for every technology company in this day and age to have a partner ecosystem of some kind,” said Theresa Caragol, founder and CEO of AchieveUnite, during a recent call with Channel Marketer Report. The Channel Acceleration Bootcamp is being offered to help companies expedite the successful implementation of a channel program or expansion of one already in place.

“Our goal is to offer the instruction and information necessary for companies to get their channel program right the first time,” said Caragol, “Many companies make a lot of mistakes and it ends up taking two, three or four times as long and they never really get what they want.”

The Channel Acceleration Bootcamp features a “flipped classroom” format in which participants are required to complete assignments prior to each peer group meeting. This format transforms the live meetings into a space where participants assimilate new knowledge from one another and apply it to real-life situations, all under the direction of a skilled instructor. Rather than learning in isolation, participants can problem-solve in real time and empower one another with uniquely targeted and valuable feedback.

Each Bootcamp group is limited to 12 participants to reduce class formation wait-time and create a more ideal learning environment. The peer groups can also serve as a resource for ongoing innovation, problem solving, accountability, and support.

Over the course of the six-week program, participants will, among other things:

  • Develop a strategy for a channel business and excellent partner experience;
  • Learn how programs are created based on best practices and current trends related to partner programs;
  • Discover how to prepare their business for the channel;
  • Gain expertise in understanding channel business elements, and how to go about structuring the business and the program for their company.

The next series of classes is scheduled to begin February 8, 2019.