Channel Marketer Report


Latest ZINFI Platform Supports Fully Automated, Attribution-Driven TCMA Capabilities

ZINFI Technologies, a unified channel management (UCM) solutions provider, has launched the newest version of its next-generation adaptive SaaS (aSaaS) platform, version 11.

The new platform includes an advanced set of applications for its through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) solutions. Campaign canvass—an advanced multi-touch, drag-and-drop campaign creation tool — allows organizations selling through the channel to deploy fully automated, attribution-driven TCMA capabilities.

ZINFI’s TCMA applications will include tools for search, social, web syndication, email, direct mail, collateral assets, microsites and events.

The FlexiTouch campaign canvass allows channel marketing managers to create attribution-driven multi-touch logic, which partners can then deploy on their own. The enhanced platform provide channel markets with capabilities that were previously available only in high-end enterprise marketing automation platforms, said the company.

“Our goal has always been always to drive partner adoption by making it easy for partners to select and deploy campaigns,” said Sugata Sanyal, founder and CEO of ZINFI. “The introduction of these enterprise-grade capabilities to our platform will have the effect of democratizing channel marketing automation, making it accessible to partners of all sizes and capabilities. Vendors will be able to understand which campaigns are effective using marketing attribution practices, even as those campaigns are run by thousands of their partners globally.”

ZINFI offers potential customers a 30-day free trial  that provides access to its entire Unified Channel Marketing (UCM) automation platform.