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Channel Foundations: A Back To Basics Guide for Channel Leaders

The channel didn’t need a pandemic to compel channel leaders re-think how they go to market through and with their partner ecosystems.  To successfully cross the paths of business-unit decision makers on their anything-but-Waze-directed buyer’s journey, vendors and their partners have had to become increasingly agile and spontaneous.

But to ensure that vendor and partner improvisation doesn’t weaken the core of a rock-solid channel initiative, it’s critical that a partner program be built on a solid foundation of back-to-basic principles.

This comprehensive e-book from AchieveUnite, a consulting and education company, examines the simple foundational truths upon which high-performing programs have been based.  A valuable resource for those in organizations just getting into the channel, new to a channel role, or just looking to refresh on some time-tested principles about partnering success, the e-book covers five critical topics including:

  • What is a Channel Sales Strategy? 5 Tips to Know If You’re Partner-Ready
  • How Do You Ensure your Channel Strategy Is Included In Your Marketing Strategy?
  • How To Hire A Channel Strategy Consultant
  • How To Prepare Your Channel Strategy For The Next Gen Buyer
  • How To Recruit And Onboard Partners To Make Your Partner Program Thrive
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