Channel Marketer Report


PowerChord Expands TCMA Platform Features, Offers New Consulting Service

PowerChord, a through-channel marketing automation supplier, is launching new platform features and digital marketing services. The company’s platform is used by brands and their dealers to rapidly deploy branded website experiences at scale and disseminate omnichannel digital marketing campaigns.

PowerChord is piloting new visualization for its platform enabling brands to see highly engaging and easily understood data dashboards. In addition to lead aggregation across an organization, the platform has the ability to visualize lead data by certain digital marketing campaigns.

Additional platform updates include a new library of website design components optimized for lead generation, allowing for faster site implementations and more rapid updates to content and site design. Furthermore, PowerChord has integrated with Zapier to open the door to third-party software integrations a customer might need, such as integrating the platform with a brand’s CRM.

Available globally, the platform supports five languages: English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.

Leveraging Digital Experience

The company’s new consultative digital marketing service has been launched to support clients that need to audit and strategize their channel/dealer programs to drive more leads in local markets.

“We’re leveraging the experiences we have in our in-house digital marketing team and bringing that to our customers, said Nikki Vegenski, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Strategy at PowerChord. “Our services range from a full-blown digital website audit to helping clients understand the impact of any digital marketing they may already be doing, as well as their reach into individual local markets.”

PowerChord will review the activities of a client’s competition as well as how it ranks in the market. It can also help clients identify opportunities to grow their business. Assessment can help determine the potential value that can be generated with co-op programs.

Brands and their dealers can no longer treat “digital marketing and the platform separately,” said Vegenski.  Bridging technology and strategy is a “winning formula, she added.  With the new consultative services, PowerChord aims to be “really strong at the forefront with the necessary data to support our recommendations.”

PowerChord is also exploring the potential for a solution that could support multiple brands – even competitive lines — for individual dealer businesses. The solution would enable dealers to more efficiently associate their business with multiple brands, said Vegenski, “to meet those customers in their moment of intent.”