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Marketplace Host Torchlite Offers Partner Engagement Platform

Torchlite, developer of a freelance marketplace for professional administrators, solution consultants, designers, developers, and marketers who specialize in building and optimizing cross-cloud Salesforce solutions, has launched the Torchlite Partner Engagement Platform.

The new SaasS platform, designed as an affordable PRM solution, helps vendors engage and support their partner ecosystems by enabling creation of partner directories, automated payments, deal registration and referral tracking. The platform, said Susan Marshall, Torchlite founder, was built for anyone “who’s trying to find a way to more efficiently co-sell and co-service with their channel partners.”

The platform supports seamless co-marketing and co-selling, provides easy access to partner resources, and enables easier collaboration between vendors and partners. Personalized link tracking will facilitate measurement of marketing efforts. Robust CRM integration will surface partner performance and provide pipeline visibility across the entire channel ecosystem.

Designed after talking to hundreds of channel leaders, tech companies, and agency partners to address the challenges of launching and scaling channel sales, the platform strives to meet partners where they are instead of requiring them to adopt new processes and technology, the company said.

In addition, the new platform was designed to address the need of channel leaders with limited budgets. “One of the things we’re trying really hard to do is make it lightweight, inexpensive, so that a B2B SaaS company can come in and just use what they need, and then grow with us as they add different types of channel partners,” said Marshall. “Maybe you just have a referral program and you want to make sure those referrals get managed properly, the customer gets handled well, and that referral fees get paid out on time. You can come in and do that with the entry-level version of our product.”

Torchlite’s platform is built to integrate easily with other partner relationship management tools. “It was built knowing that we’re not the only software vendor in this ecosystem,” said Marshall. “Our integration is an important part of our strategy.”