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Incentive Solutions, Channeltivity Partner To Offer Comprehensive Channel Management Solution

Incentive Solutions, a channel incentives and technology provider, has entered into a partnership with Channeltivity, a partner relationship management solution provider. Propelling this alliance is a drive to expand services and enhance the customer experience, said Incentive Solutions in a press release. Connecting solutions from the two organizations delivers a smoother, more comprehensive user experience for clients looking to manage their partner relationships and incentivize their channel partners through rewards programs.

Channeltivity’s solutions support partner onboarding, deal management and market development fund (MDF) management. Incentive Solutions is leaning into collaboration and co-innovation to redefine the scope of its offering, increase product portfolio and develop powerful technology integrations.

For customers in search of management solutions for channel partners and rewards programs, this new alignment of services across Incentive Solutions and Channeltivity offers a single sign-on capability between the two providers and an array of tools for each channel. Each plays a specific role, and how they work alongside one another is critical to program success.

“Incentive Solutions is constantly searching for smarter ways to work, and we’re eager to pass along savings and benefits to our customers,” said Mark Herbert, CEO of Incentive Solutions. “Because channel reward programs and channel partner management are intertwined, the most impactful action we can take on behalf of customers and their bottom lines is creating a single, comprehensive platform to meet all their needs in one place.”

“Channeltivity’s mission has always been to build solutions that drive channel program success by strengthening the relationships between vendors and their partners at the individual professional level,” said Jason Jacobs, CEO of Channeltivity. “With the expansion of the channel, from transacting partners to referral and influencer partners, incentivizing the activities that produce sales has never been more important. Channeltivity’s advanced API will allow seamless integration into Incentive Solutions to create a single platform experience for our customers and their partners.”

Incentive Solutions Reorganizes Management

In other news, Incentive Solutions, has announced an executive reorganization following the company’s recent acquisition of OneAffiniti, a through-channel marketing automation provider.

Joel Montgomery, formerly OneAffiniti’s CEO, takes over as Incentive Solutions’ Chief Strategy Officer, leading corporate vision, strategy and initiatives, including mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, product roadmap and international expansion. Montgomery will report directly to Herbert.

Nichole Gunn assumes the newly created Chief Marketing Officer role. Formerly the Vice President of Marketing and Creative Services for Incentive Solutions, Gunn will preside over planning, development, implementation and monitoring of business marketing strategy.

Michael Heldebrandt steps into the Chief Revenue Officer role, accountable for driving integration and alignment between all revenue-related functions, including marketing, sales, customer support, pricing and revenue management. He joins the team after leading OneAffiniti’s North American business. Heldebrandt will report directly to Herbert.

Kelly Held, previously Vice President of Technology for Incentive Solutions, assumes the role of Chief Information Officer. Held’s responsibilities include assessing current processes, security, recommending software upgrades, and directing the executive team on the best business strategies. Joining the c-suite, Held will continue to report to Herbert.

John Madden, previously Chief Technology Officer for OneAffiniti, will assume the same role within Incentive Solutions and report directly to Herbert. Madden is responsible for overseeing the development and dissemination of technology for external customers, vendors, and other clients to help improve and increase business. 

In addition to leadership changes, Simon Hjorth will remain COO, now reporting to Herbert and Scott Bedora will remain CFO, continuing to report to Herbert.