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Uniphore’s New Partner Program Offers MDF-Funded Agency Support To Drive Participation, Boost Performance

Uniphore, a conversational automation solution provider, has launched a partner program to support a rapidly expanding market of companies using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation technology to significantly improve customer experience (CX).  

Uniphore Unite is a robust partner program that includes essential resources to support the partner lifecycle end–to–end and enables partners to leverage Uniphore’s best-of-breed, innovative technology to expand their portfolio and profitability.

The partner program offers a range of programs to support each partner’s business model, including referral, resell, managed services, co-selling, and services, delivering the resources this global community needs for success. 

Partners who join Uniphore Unite will benefit in numerous ways, including an agency-supported marketing development fund (MDF) program. Partners have access to an experienced global marketing agency to assist in planning, messaging, positioning, demand generation and other go-to-market activities 

Uniphore expects that offering partners marketing agency support will encourage usage of available MDF, but also drive better results. “The agency helps ensure that our partners make the best use of funds by helping partners create marketing plans that include multi-tactic campaigns targeting the right personas, leveraging industry-specific messaging and positioning,” the company told CMR.

“For partners who don’t have a marketing team, our agency provides expertise and resources to help them create and deliver effective marketing activities.  For the larger partners who have marketing resources, our agency provides expertise specific to Uniphore, along with best practices, to accelerate their marketing efforts,” the company said.

Partners are not limited to using Uniphore’s agency.  They can request MDF approval for lead generation activities executed by their internal teams or another agency of their choice.

The Uniphore Unite programs also features:

  • Significant partner resources including sales training, technical training and support, dedicated channel teams, deal registration and co-selling, marketing and sales assets and support, and a comprehensive rewards program; 
  • A Partner Help Desk to provide world-class support via web conferencing, email and phone; 
  • A Partner Advisory Council that enables strategic partners to easily give direct feedback and to engage consistently with key members of the Uniphore team to build a strong partner community; and
  • An App Alliances Program, complementary ISV program that includes benefits around co-selling and positioning Uniphore solutions with partners.

“Uniphore has always been committed to building a robust partner ecosystem to support our customers. With the launch of Uniphore Unite, we enhance the value of our industry-leading AI and automation solutions by partnering with world-class services and complementary technology firms,” said Jafar Syed, SVP, Global Head of Channel Alliances & Partnerships at Uniphore. “Uniphore Unite provides structure and foundation for enhanced partner collaboration and will facilitate the creation of a strong community built around the mission to transform CX across the board.”