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MarcomCentral Launches Partner Program To Boost Sales Of Digital Asset Management System

MarcomCentral, a brand management solution provider, has launched a new channel program. The program provides resellers and managed service providers (MSP) with a clear path to upgrade their clients’ disparate file storage systems to a modern, cost-effective digital asset management solution (DAM).

“MarcomCentral’s partner program expands on our longstanding relationship with service providers and tackles the growing need for an easy-to-use DAM platform like MarcomGather,” said Byung Choi, CEO at MarcomCentral. “We see big potential for this program to drive revenue for our partners and value for their customers. We’re looking forward to welcoming new partners as we, ourselves continue to grow.”

MarcomGather is an intuitive DAM that gives clients a modern, efficient way to centralize, organize, and share their digital assets across the organization. Some common use cases for a DAM are centralizing campaign materials, easily sharing sales collateral, and storing trusted, on-brand files that are all easily searchable by anyone in the organization.

Among the partners that MarcomCentral is eager to attract are managed service providers (MSP), said Aaron Dean, the lead for MarcomCentral’s partner program, in a call with CMR.

“We want to get in front of MSP’s that provide or support complementary technology stacks.” The company’s technology has been designed to enable MSPs to offer services around “onboarding maintenance, set-up, design, taxonomy, etc,” said Dean.

The company is also offering referral and partnership incentive plans, rewarding MSPs, consultants, agencies, and other businesses who refer customers.