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Deep Instinct Implements ‘Loyalty Point’ Program To Boost Partner-Initiated Sales

Deep Instinct, provider of a purpose-built, deep learning cybersecurity framework, has launched a new partner program that focuses on expected partner margins (as high as 35%), rather than discount, and is based on deal origination path – partner initiated versus Deep Instinct initiated.

Additionally, partners can earn incremental margin based on frequent-flyer style loyalty points earned through commitment to and investment in Deep Instinct rather than through volume bookings alone. The company plans to make the new Stratosphere program and loyalty points model available starting May 1, 2022.

Unlike traditional channel models, Stratosphere will not offer legacy medallion tiers or volume-based recognition. Rather, it offers clear and expected margins, eliminating set discount schedules that are confusing to follow. It will also increase partners’ expected margins in 1% increments up to a max of 5% by earning “loyalty points” modeled similar to airline programs.

Loyalty points are earned for business plan completion, certifications (DISC, DICE, DISEC, Deploy), partner-initiated pipeline creation, partner-initiated opportunities and opportunities closed, net-new logos generated for Deep Instinct, and the number of endpoints sold. In the second half of the year, Deep Instinct may provide loyalty points for specific marketing activities.

Benefits associated with loyalty points include higher expected margins, MDF priority, opportunity to receive leads from Deep Instinct, joint marketing planning and priority for customer-facing events, dedicated channel account manager coverage, incentives and SPIFs.

As the increasing threat of cybersecurity attacks boosts demand for solutions that help secure digital infrastructures, Deep Instinct is prioritizing demand identification. “The demand is there,” said Mike Saletta, who recently joined the company as Area Vice President of Americas Channels. “Every day, you hear about a new company that’s been attacked,” he continued, pointing out that between 2019 and 2021, there’s been an 800% increase in ransomware attack. “I have not heard a single customer say we’re 100% secure.”

To enable its partners to better identity opportunities, Deep Instinct is training them how to listen to clients more effectively. The questions that customers ask, said Saletta, can help a partner understand what opportunity is being presented. Deep Instinct is also helping partners identify demand via account mapping activities. The company advises partners to spot characteristics or previous technology investments that would indicate an interest in upgrading their cyber security infrastructure.

“We’re building the tools to allow partners to articulate our value message,” said Saletta. In addition, the company is striving to “give them the tools to cost-justify to the customers implementing their technology.”