Channel Marketer Report


Gradient Cyber Backs Partner Push For Incremental Demand, Lead Generation

Gradient Cyber, a provider of Security Operations as a Service (SOCaaS), announced a new channel partner program to enable resellers and referral partners, distributors, and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) / Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to deliver 24/7 Extended Detection and Response (XDR) services to customers.

The program, called the Gradient Cyber Pinnacle Partner Program, is designed to empower the partner community with the resources they need to successfully sell XDR security solutions, while underscoring its commitment to partner business objectives of growing the customer base and revenues per customer.

Program benefits include incentives and resources to help partners increase their revenue in the fast-growing market for XDR solutions. The new program delivers:

  • Sales and marketing initiatives and funding to drive incremental demand and lead generation;
  • Virtual and in-person training sessions for sales, marketing, operations, technical, and support teams; and
  • Deal protection and increased financial incentives and margins when partners register new opportunities.

“As a business approach, we want to be effectively 100% channel driven,” Roark Pollock, Chief Marketing Officer, told CMR. While the company expects to drive the lion’s share of leads, it is striving to have its partners play a bigger role in initiating customer engagement. “As a business, we’re looking for about 35% of our leads or deals to come from our channel partner relationships,” said Pollock.

Partner are encouraged to take advantage of Gradient Cyber’s marketing support at all touchpoints with the company. Starting with onboarding, the company’s marketing team collaborates with channel sales directors to promote and support partner-initiated demand generation activities. A recommended demand-gen program is in place, said Pollock, but the company will strive to accommodate the marketing capabilities of individual partners. “From a marketing perspective, they all tend to be a little bit unique,” said Pollock. His team strives to find “where their strength or their superpower is from a marketing standpoint. And how do we fit into what their model looks like, as opposed to the other way around?”

Gradient Cyber invites partners to meet with its marketing team for a deeper review of the support and materials it provides, as well as marketing best practices, and to discuss custom joint campaign planning.

The company promotes all relationships with press releases, outbound email campaigns, and social media activities. Partners are provided with content and materials in packaged campaigns for their own promotion. As restrictions and concerns related to in-person meetings, the company is also collaborating with partners on more events.

“Today’s cybersecurity environment demands 24/7 attention and that’s where the Gradient Cyber Extended Detection and Response or XDR services deliver,” said Kent Pope, Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Channels, at Gradient Cyber in a press release. “Our primary goal is to be the XDR services and technology vendor of choice for the channel.”