Channel Marketer Report


New Partner Program At Digitate Seeks To Boost Net-New Customers Sales By 50%

Digitate, a provider of autonomous enterprise software for IT and business operations, has launched a new channel program to help partners uncover new revenue opportunities. The Elevate Partner Program enables accredited partners to rapidly onboard and leverage Digitate’s tools, systems, support, and knowledge to drive market opportunity and profitability.

Digitate is targeting unprecedented channel growth of 130% year-over-year within its partner ecosystem, with a goal in 2022 of increasing net-new customer sales by 50% over the previous year.

Acquiring net new clients is critically important, especially as it creates significant incremental revenue opportunities for additional products and services, said Lou Sassano, Digitate’s Global Head, Channels, in a note to CMR. “In support of this, we have taken a two-prong approach. On the one side, we are aggressively investing in lead gen tactics at the corporate level, and this activity does generate leads that we can forward to our partners. In addition, we’ve created a great co-marketing program that allows our partners to minimize their investment in lead gen, while creating more impact, since we contribute to any/all qualifying tactics with them. This significantly reduces their risk and expense, while generating high-quality leads.”

Looking ahead, Digitate is focused on further expanding the Elevate Partner Program by continuing to recruit partners, building a library of robust enablement content, and developing new demand generation campaigns.