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To Drive Channel Success, Vade Helps MSPs Boost Their ‘Security-Conscious’ Credentials

In a press release last October, Vade, a provider of AI-based threat detection, user awareness and incident response solutions, celebrated what it called “significant momentum around its channel program” in 2021.

Vade’s second quarter was especially strong with the company reporting 60% growth in global channel sales between Q2 2020 and Q2 2021. “We’re excited that we are continuing to see the momentum that allows us to continue to deliver the best in email defense,” said Maya Gershon, Vade’s Chief Revenue Officer. “MSPs work tirelessly to deliver value to their end customers, and we pride ourselves on being a part of that process to deliver the best solution, free of the complexity that comes with most security solutions.”

Adrien Gendre, Chief Tech and Product Officer, Vade

In a recent blog post, Adrien Gendre, the company’s Chief Tech and Product Officer, offered MSPs a number of suggestions on how they can establish their companies as security-conscious firms to help them acquire and secure new clients.

We reached out to Gendre to learn more about what Vade is doing to help its MSPs optimize his suggestions.

CMR – Congratulations on the success of your partner program. In your blog, you acknowledge that “Every MSP faces the challenge of explaining cybersecurity in a way that both clarifies the challenges and justifies the costs.” What’s Vade doing to help them?

Adrien Gendre — Vade’s Partner Portal features a sales/marketing catalog with pre-packaged lead gen campaigns that we call campaigns in a box. Each includes a piece of premium content, such as a webinar presentation or eBook, along with email templates, landing page content, social media posts, and graphics. For MDF (market development funds), partners simply grab the form from the portal, fill it out, and send it to their Vade representative for approval.

CMR — Along with the materials, do you provide partners – especially those without their own marketing staff – instruction on how to implement the campaigns?

Adrien Gendre — While all the marketing campaign materials are in our partner portal, we deliver lead generation campaigns via our Partner Newsletter, along with tips for creating successful lead generation campaigns. Vade’s marketing team is also available to assist partners.

CMR — Is your company providing training on how MSPs can identify prospects that might be more interested in hearing about cybersecurity protection? Are you instructing your partners on how they can initiate those conversations?

Adrien Gendre — Most of our training at the moment comprises one-on-one support and educational content, available through our partner portal, blog, and partner newsletters. Much of this content is focused on MSP education, including initiating cybersecurity sales conversations, overcoming objections to cybersecurity spending, and client cybersecurity education.

CMR — In addition to the campaigns, has Vade been building an expanded library of marketing materials that its partners can distribute to clients? Are there any lessons you’ve learned about what type of content or format is especially effective?

Adrien Gendre — We find that most of our MSPs partners are interested in quick-hitting content; for example, one pagers, data sheets, and eBooks. Many MSP clients are non-technical, so this type of content is easily digestible for non-technical SMBs. We also understand that some MSPs serve larger SMBs who have some technical staff, so we also create content for those audiences, and the MSP can choose from technical or non-technical versions.

CMR — Your blog suggests that MSPs need to do a better job of branding their firms as cybersecurity leaders. Do the marketing materials you provide enable partners to promote their own brands, with or without a Vade mention?

Adrien Gendre — Many MSPs choose not to share with their clients the names of the products and solutions in their stacks, and we understand that is becoming increasingly common among MSPs. For MSP partners who choose to go this route, we can brand our marketing collateral with the MSPs branding and logo. Product data sheets, for example, are a common request from our partners. Some of our partners also use Vade within a bundle, and we have helped them create the messaging and content for those offers.

CMR — Some channel marketing experts are enthusiastic about the way that multiple solution providers are collaborating to create marketing materials that address the business needs of shared customers. Are you developing co-marketing materials or campaigns with complementary brands?

Adrien Gendre — It’s something we’ve done in the past, yes, and we would like to pursue more opportunities in the future. We collaborated with Datto in the past and, most recently, with Huntress.

CMR — With regards to MDF, can you tell us how you are making funds available to partners? Like many companies, are you allocating funds for clearly defined or specific projects?

Adrien Gendre — We have an MDF budget set aside for each region, including the US, Europe, and Asia. Partners who want to access MDF funds simply fill out a form, available in the Vade partner portal, and provide the details about the project, including planned follow-up activity and any needed commitments from Vade. MDF funds are available both to certified and non-certified partners.

CMR — In October, Vade announced that “the company has achieved significant momentum around its channel program. From strong growth in global channel partnerships to new product innovations to key additions to channel sales, Vade is having a breakthrough year in its support of its MSP customers.” Can you talk about any specific goals you have for 2022?

Adrien Gendre — One of the main goals for 2022 is growing our distributor/aggregator partnerships to offer our solutions to even more North American MSPs. This is currently in progress, and we will announce several new partnerships in the coming months.