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With Experienced Channel Leader On Board, NetSPI Launches First Formal Partner Program

NetSPI, an enterprise penetration testing and attack surface management solution provider, has launched its first formalized program to support its global channel and technology partners.

Partners within the program can offer end users NetSPI’s vulnerability management technologies and human-delivered offensive security services, allowing both the partner and NetSPI to expand product and service offerings, further develop customer relationships, and enter new markets.

The program is led by Lauren Gimmillaro, NetSPI’s Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Alliances. Gimmillaro has a track record of launching four successful partner programs, consisting of working with channel, referral, reseller, and technology partners.

The NetSPI Partner Program provides its referral and reseller partners with the company’s full suite of security services and products. To meet partners’ requirements, the programs include a tier-based model consisting of referral fees, preferred client pricing, and reseller discounts, the company said in a press release.

“NetSPI offers free unlimited technical and business training to ensure our partners feel comfortable speaking to NetSPI’s products and services,” Gimmillaro told CMR. “Additionally, we will support our partners with a variety of go-to-market initiatives, which include featuring partners on our blog, LinkedIn announcements, joint one-pagers, co-hosted events and webinars, and more.”

NetSPI is also engaging technology partners, security and third-party software companies, to help build meaningful integrations with NetSPI to improve overall customer experiences. 

Last month NetSPI joined the AWS Marketplace, simplifying the procurement process for enterprise organizations with existing AWS relationships by allowing them to purchase NetSPI’s offerings directly via the marketplace. 

“As today’s global attack surface evolves and cybercriminals become more sophisticated in nature, it’s critical to provide end users with the tools, services, and skill sets they need to take an offensive approach to security,” said Gimmillaro in a press release. “Centered around our customer-first approach, the NetSPI Partner Program will allow our team to extend our world-class pentesting capabilities to a variety of diverse and trusted partners, strengthening organizations’ cyber security efforts across the globe.”