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Software Buyer Behavior Report Points To Channel Partner Influence On Recurring Revenue

Channel partners are likely to play a more important role in securing recurring revenue, according to report by G2, host of a tech marketplace and peer-to-peer review site. As the preference to buy from third-party marketplaces and reseller continue to climb – even among enterprise companies – the post purchase experience is critical to the vendor-buyer relationship.

Among the three most important buyer considerations when making a software purchase, ease of implementation tops the list. It’s a key consideration as companies think about renewing their contract with 93% of buyers indicating that the quality of the implementation process is important or very important when making the decision to renew a software product, the 2022 G2 Software Buyer Behavior Report noted.

Vendors and their partners are likely to be held responsible for how well implementations are completed. More than three-quarters of the respondents indicate they have either worked with a vendor’s implementation team or have worked with a third-party vendor for implementation.  “Buyers trust the experts, and the experience those experts deliver shapes their impression of a product, which influences their decision to renew down the line,” the report noted.

With 57% of contracts lasting six months or less, software vendors and their partners don’t have much time to satisfy their customers other key considerations: ROI and ease of use. Successfully demonstrating that an implemented solution is delivering as promised is critical in this narrow time frame. Less than half of the respondents said they were likely to renew a contract without considering other options.

For the report, G2 fielded an online survey among 1,002 B2B decision makers with responsibility for, or influence over, purchase decisions for departments, multiple departments, operating units, or entire businesses.

More details are available in the report.