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Plannuh, A Marketing Management Solution Provider, Acquired By Financial Performance Software Maker

Plannuh, a cloud platform for marketing performance management, has been acquired by Planful. A financial performance management cloud software provider, Planful now enables seamless collaboration between finance and marketing teams, and other business users.

With their expanded platform, Planful and Plannuh enable CFOs and CMO’s to drive more opportunities for business growth across the organization. Plannuh provides marketers with deep financial intelligence for all marketing activities, enabling them to course-correct campaign and activity investments in real-time.

“Marketing is an increasingly important and large investment area for many businesses, yet there is huge friction in planning and tracking investments at granular levels,” said Grant Halloran, Planful’s CEO. With Plannuh, marketers can:

  • Build agile marketing plans that consolidate goals, campaigns, budget, and performance metrics into one view;
  • Automate marketing budget and expense management by leveraging AI;
  • Import and configure budgets for full alignment and tracking across regions and functions, with pinpoint accuracy for confidence in budget reporting; and
  • Prove and improve the business value of marketing by calculating cost-per-outcome (CPO), return on investment (ROI), and lifetime value (LTV) in real-time.