Channel Marketer Report


Robocorp Enhances Channel Program With New Partner Portal

Robocorp, a Gen2 robotic process automation (RPA) provider, unveiled an enhanced partner program to better support partners and service providers selling and delivering Gen2 RPA projects.

The partner program includes a new partner portal and partner tier system. Further, Robocorp has included updates to the pricing model and RPA MSP (Managed Services), and has modified the ways partners are able to go-to-market. In addition, Robocorp’s partner success team will be expanded in order to ramp up partner enablement with new trainings, certifications and assets.

Launching in February 2023, the partner portal will serve as the main point for managing business and communications. It includes a new training and certification system and supports deal registration, partner- and account-planning, and more. The portal will aid Robocorp partners as they build, market and sell RPA solutions, enabling them to easily find and co-brand marketing materials.

The new partner program will continue to take shape over Q1, utilizing feedback from partners to improve the experience and expand the enablement resources offered.