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Alicia Fiorletta is Senior Editor for Channel Marketer Report. Working closely with industry analysts and experts, Alicia reports on the latest news, technologies, case studies and trends coming to forefront in the channel marketing world. With a focus on emerging marketing strategies, including social, mobile and content for demand, Alicia hones in on new ways for organizations to market to and through their partner networks. Through her work with G3 Communications, Alicia also acts as Associate Editor for Retail TouchPoints, a digital publishing network focused on the customer-facing area of the retail industry.

Developing An Optimal Brand Strategy Across The Channel

A top challenge for channel marketers from both the OEM/vendor and VAR/reseller perspective is deciding on an optimal branding strategy that is accurate and fair to both parties. While channel participants have the same goal of increasing mindshare and improving up-sell and cross sell opportunities, some partners fall flat in creating compelling, brand-savvy campaigns and […]

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Channel Trenches: Demand Generation Goals And Strategies for 2012 (Q&A with Louis Foong)

While analysts point to the growing need for an intimate, more personalized approach to lead and demand generation, OEMs and VARs alike are struggling to crack the communication code. Whether it’s social media, content collateral or “teleprospecting,” developing a clear, concise strategy that addresses buyer pain points is key. During a recent Q&A, Louis Foong, […]

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TIE Kinetix Provides Syndication Solutions To Help Crack The Content Code

The Problem: Marketers are aware of the adage “content is king.” However, in the complex channel environment, many OEMs struggle to effectively distribute content to resellers and distributors. Similarly, resellers and distributors are slow to feature new content and marketing messages on their web sites, via social networks and across other platforms. Another key obstacle […]

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RSPA And SNAP Release New Social Loyalty Initiative To Help VARs Keep Pace With Retail Trends

Social media is becoming a more substantial and meaningful channel for consumers to interact with their favorite retailers and restaurants. To keep pace with new marketing developments, VARs can integrate more interactive tools for end-users. The Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA) has released Incite, a new cloud-based solution that is designed to blur the lines […]

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Measuring ROI Of Partner Programs Increasingly Challenging For Channel Marketers

As the proliferation of media channels and content forms accelerates, channel marketers are taking a harder look at metrics to determine the ROI of campaigns and partner programs. While these metrics are vital to quantifying the efficiency of specific sales and marketing programs, industry experts say many corporations are not optimizing the benefits that come […]

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White Space A Leading Cause Of Sales And Marketing Fatigue

For OEMs, increasing brand awareness and encouraging partners to boost market share are vital goals. While increasing communication with loyal customers is a short-term tactic to boost revenue, revitalizing dormant partners is a key pain-point for OEMs and partners alike. “White space” is defined by TSL Marketing as channel partners/vendors that have little or no […]

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Channel Monitor Helps OEMs Gain Access To Item Information, Pricing & Sales

The Problem: In the complex channel environment, it is difficult for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to efficiently track sales and progress across partners and end-users. Specifically within the retail sector, it is vital that OEMs have access to item prices, sales and overall demand to ensure that channel partners are replenished and prepared for high-traffic […]

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ChannelViews: Social Media Strategy Helps VAR Gain Traction in Web 2.0 World

By John Pruban, President, tekservePOS BtoB companies are researching and evaluating prospective solution providers in a whole new way due to the collaborative environment fostered by Web 2.0 technologies. Although sophisticated social media strategies are typically reserved for larger businesses looking to increase mindshare among consumers, the need for consistent social media content and expertise […]

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SiriusDecisions Data Shows Vendors Analyzing New Levers To Drive Participation & Results From Partner Programs

Research from SiriusDecisions indicates that average partner program adoption averages 40%, but can be as low as 20%. Although recent research points to a need for deeper partner analysis, vendors are also faced with the obstacle of encouraging partner participation in reporting sales and marketing progress. “The key concept is whenever you ask for something, […]

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Computer Market Research Introduces Partner Avenue To Streamline View Of Channel Programs, Data

The Problem: According to research from IDC, active channel partners acquire approximately 31% of companies’ operations, accumulating approximately 15,000 inactive partners in their database. Due to a lack of general visibility, vendors are unaware that this inactivity is taking place, resulting in inefficient spend and operations. To maximize sales rep productivity, partner loyalty and provide […]

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