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TIE Kinetix Provides Syndication Solutions To Help Crack The Content Code

The Problem: Marketers are aware of the adage “content is king.” However, in the complex channel environment, many OEMs struggle to effectively distribute content to resellers and distributors. Similarly, resellers and distributors are slow to feature new content and marketing messages on their web sites, via social networks and across other platforms. Another key obstacle for channel players is accurately integrating their value propositions with OEMs offerings in multi-touch campaigns.

To effectively educate prospective end-users and current customers, resellers and distributors must implement a solution that will automatically update content and keep pace with new OEM releases and developments.

The Solution: TIE Kinetix Content Syndication Platform is designed to guide OEMs through a five-step process for partner distribution. In doing so, channel players can extend the reach of their brands and increase overall sales rates.

The five-step process to optimize content syndication includes:

Content Collection: During this phase, information is gathered and structured. OEMs can determine optimal pieces for syndication. For example, marketers can decide to fragment white papers and E-books for partner blog posts, or simply send entire pieces of content. From these choices, partners can decide which content they’d like to utilize for specific campaigns. 

Management of Assets: Through the TIE Kinetix platform, manufacturers have instant access to content, allowing them to make edits to any campaigns. Once a partner subscribes and places code on their site, the solution is designed to automatically update assets.

Syndication: This feature provides marketers with access to digital assets by pushing content to partner web sites. Content is personalized to each partner based on OEMs’ preferences, and are updated based on new campaigns. With syndication, all assets are expected to fit seamlessly with partner branding and the look-and-feel of their web sites.

Activation: The web-based ChannelMailer Email software, provided by TIE Kinetix, was developed to allow OEMs to send email templates customized for partner networks. Partners, resellers and VARs can then market content more effectively.

The Perks: While collection, management, syndication and activation of content collateral are vital for OEMs and partners alike, real-time reporting is most beneficial to overall sales and marketing efforts. Through in-depth analytics, OEMs can determine the overall benefit and market response to content.



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