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Solution Spotlight: TreeHouse Interactive’s Reseller View Manages Partnerships and Maximizes Channel Marketing Automation

To maximize channel penetration, it has become vital for manufacturers to develop optimal partnerships with resellers and distributors. However, formulating and nurturing these relationships is futile unless business owners implement the correct solutions to track and manage them. TreeHouse Interactive, a provider of SaaS CRM solutions designed for companies who sell through the channel, features Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and Channel Sales Force Automation (CSFA) suites designed to enable organizations to maximize efficiencies and income potential, while decreasing costs.

Standard PRM solutions flow similar to a pyramid, with the partner value proposition as the foundation. Hardware providers must have efficient partner portals, high partner propositions and overall, better products. Self-service access to training, logos, copy and images also is vital for satisfied partners. Once companies can provide this automation, lead distribution, sales enablement and access to sales information, and marketing enablement can be included.

Fully integrated with CRM interfaces, and Oracle, and a member of AppExchange, Reseller View is designed to give partners the resources to achieve revenue goals and efficiently manage tasks such as workflow management, partner/marketing enablement and training/certification. The solution also is equipped with the ability to identify, nurture, qualify and distribute leads into CRM systems. From CRM systems, leads can be passed off to partners using the PRM system. The solution is designed to track ROI based on if a prospect follows up with a hardware sales person or partner rep. Once a lead is closed and in the post-acquisition end of the customer life cycle, TreeHouse Interactive’s demand gen solution is designed to efficiently up-sell and cross-sell.

Reseller View is designed first and foremost to automate relationships between companies and their partners. Complete with a password protected portal for partners, companies maintain seamless access to partner network necessities including automated contract management, deal registration and lead distribution for up to thousands of partnerships. The solution also is designed to filter and deliver content to different levels of partners within a company’s program. In turn, best-performing partners will obtain more access to information and benefits versus lower-level partners. However, the primary goal of Reseller View is to provide partners with the content they need, when they need it, and to formulate stronger, more visible relationships within the channel.

A key characteristic of Reseller View is its ability to allow partner users to easily recreate company brand appearance and guidelines on their interface, including custom navigation, language selection, and URL. That way, partners can easily and seamlessly navigate leads, contacts and prospects and track marketing progress from a single platform. Users also can integrate a marketing automation engine to maximize partner communication.

System updates are completed without the need of an IT resource — solution users can either update it on their own, or TreeHouse Interactive can make needed modifications.



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