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Digimind Social Helps Businesses Track, Respond To Social Feedback

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The Problem:
Consumers produce, on average, 4.5 billion Facebook “likes,” 400 million tweets and 5 billion Google searches a day. This equates to a staggering amount of potentially powerful data on a brand or company. However, this variety and velocity of data is overall very difficult to rack, analyze and leverage to improve business results. 

The Solution: Digimind Social is a social listening tool that enables brands to instantly gauge their online presence and competitive standing, and use these insights to inform marketing, communications and audience engagement strategies. Incorporating data from both social platforms and search engines using a proprietary algorithm, Digimind Social empowers brands to measure the success of marketing campaigns and product launches; identify sales opportunities, questions or complaints; and manage crises as they unfold.

The Perks: An intuitive dashboard offers multi-level analysis and one-click reporting capabilities, providing Digimind Social users with tangible insights into social feedback and sentiment.

Features and capabilities include:

  • Audience measurement: Users can calculate the volume of buzz surrounding campaigns, as well as the potential audience for each social mention.
  • Real-time communication tools: Companies can respond to partners and end-users directly on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, forums and other media outlets, all from within the dashboard.
  • Competitor analysis: Real-time insights on a brand and its competitors help companies track key conversations.
  • Influencer identification: Individuals, outlets and sources can be characterized as influencers based on their social activities, number of social media followers and overall mentions.
  • Predictive analytics: Businesses can identify future audience needs and improve future campaigns using a Top Reputation module. By analyzing search behaviors, Digimind Social presents top search terms, results and domains on a single dashboard, so users have a comprehensive view of the company’s online presence and reputation without having to click through different screens.
  • Collaborative features: Team members can flag results and insights within the platform to facilitate conversations with peers and managers.
  • Seamless reporting capabilities: Reports can be generated directly from the dashboard, so users can export them to slides, spreadsheets and word processing programs.




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