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Kaspersky Partner Conference Brings Connectivity To The Forefront

Kaspersky Lab, an antivirus software provider, will be holding its annual partner conference May 10-13, 2012, at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. The four-day event will include two days of in-depth educational sessions, intimate discussions with company executives and memorable excursions to further the organization’s relationships and build stronger connections among partners, according to Jean Lozano, VP of B2B Marketing for Kaspersky.

The first day of sessions will hone in on the continual evolution of digital technology, and how these developments have increased connectivity among end-users and channel players. “When you look at the market industry today, the evolution of digital gadgets and how connected we are, it’s appropriate that the center of our keynote presentation is about the partner and its surrounding connections,” Lozano told Channel Marketer Report. “We all can agree that there’s a new normal that is continually being defined by new technology. When new technology is introduced, new threats will continue to persist because of access to information in a digital way.”

New developments and investments from Kaspersky, including new partner programs, sales insights and marketing resources also will be uncovered. These offerings will help Kaspersky reaffirm its continual dedication to its partners and their business objectives.

“We want to make it clear that we want to help them grow their business, that their profit matters to us, we want to provide the right tools and support, and start to provide a surrounding support around our partners,” Lozano reported. “Our agenda is really set up to provide that kind of support and information to partners. We also want to help create a clear picture of the state of our business, where we’re headed, our vision of the cyber age, and how these developments affect us on a global scale.”

At the conclusion of the conference’s first day, Kaspersky will be throwing an awards ceremony to commemorate top-notch partner programs and performances during 2011.

Day two of the conference will spotlight best practices and leading tools to help partners cultivate their own customer base, as well as how to further profitability in the age of ever-evolving technology. During sessions, speakers also will offer advice and insight into educational resources that will drive marketing and sales success through Kaspersky’s partner resource portal and other outlets.

“This conference is all about empowerment; part of that is offering the tools. This will range from partner programs to campaigns that partners can readily use, deploy and execute within their own marketing departments. Our goal is to obtain the right partners, and help them grow their business and empowering them with resources, whether it’s a support team, sales support or marketing enablement and tools.”



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