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PartnerOption Aims To Improve Communication And Engagement Across The Channel

The Problem: While channel marketers are poised with the unique opportunity to reach massive, targeted audience through social networks, there is a vast market need for a platform focused on the channel’s complexity. Moreover, executives across the channel require a resource that provides quality features to build strategic alliances and partnerships, and share information effectively.

The Solution: PartnerOption is a targeted social networking site aimed towards channel-focused organizations. Through the platform, channel marketers can reach massive audiences, as well as targeted groups. By signing up for the service, OEMs, VARs and distributors can post product news and announcements, publish articles and commentary, and organize and announce events.

By tapping into PartnerOption, suppliers, distributors and resellers can further sales opportunities and partnerships that used to take months and even years to complete. Each member can develop profiles for themselves and their company that contain vital information about company markets and industries. Members also can join and develop groups focused on industry trends, company-focused developments and job openings, as well as post product catalogs, brochures, and product illustrations.

The Perks:
PartnerOption offers an integrated CRM, which allows members to create and maintain multiple CRM databases. Users can upload a list of existing contacts and also integrate contacts found on the site. From there, the owner of each CRM has the ability to assign, track and report sales activities, manage opportunities and forecasts, export report data, and start and manage account related content, such as proposals and contracts. Organizations can share all lists and CRM databases with partners and open permission levels for information to be added or updates in a timely manner.



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