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Channel IQ Aims To Help Glean Insight On Competitive Information

The Problem: Manufacturers are poised with the challenge to stand out among competitors in an extremely crowded space. Especially within industries including consumer electronics, POS hardware and others technology markets, new models are seemingly released on a daily basis. The powers of the Internet also have provided end-users/consumers with countless resources to compare prices and find the best buys, leading to a more heated competition among organizations.

The Solution: By tapping into Channel IQ, both retailers and manufacturers are provided with the competitive intelligence to maximize sales and distribution partnerships. The platform was designed to provide in-depth data into pricing, item information, specs and descriptions, as well as product availability across seller locations both online and in stores. E-Commerce purchase rates are growing at an unprecedented pace, making it more imperative for manufacturers to have seamless access to data and ensure pricing and brand representation is on point.

Channel IQ’s data collection processes and applications were developed to enable manufacturers and retailers across industries, from consumer electronics and housewares to high-end luxury goods and auto parts, to track product prices in real-time, monitor minimum advertised price (MAP) pricing policy compliance, and detect grey market sellers and counterfeit activity.

The Perks: With MAP policies acting as integral components of manufacturers’ strategic dealer programs, Channel IQ helps organizations keep track and reinforce advertising guidelines as well as their overall positioning in marketplaces. Price monitoring data is gathered in real time, rather than collected internally or from third parties, leading to greater efficiencies within the channel. The platform also provides a “Dealer Verification Badge,” which authenticates product pages and verifies a warranty for consumers.



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