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Desktone Unveils New Partner Program To Accelerate Desktops as a Service Deployments

The consumerization of IT is changing the way people buy and manage desktops. As a result, SMBs and large-enterprise service providers are considering the benefits of Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) models. As a provider of DaaS offerings and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions, Desktone has announced its new partner program: The Desktone Powered Program.

Developed to provide “a comprehensive training, certification and support program,” the new partner program is aimed to “fuel the growth of DaaS,” according to David Grant, VP of Marketing for Desktone. This is especially true “as partners leverage the marketing content and campaigns [provided in the program] to drive interest and then use the sales training materials to nurture and close DaaS business.”

The new partner program will help highlight the benefits of utilizing DaaS models via quick start tools for service providers, resellers and technology partners. Currently touting a partner network of approximately 50 organizations, including Cisco, Dell, Fujitsu, Netelligent, NetApp and Quest, Desktone’s year-end goal is to increase its network to 100 organizations, Grant reported.

As part of the Desktone partner program, service providers can “get to market quickly to accelerate the adoption of Desktops as a Service (DaaS),” Grant explained. “Desktop virtualization and, specifically, cloud-hosted desktop virtualization is a new market for most providers so providing the industry’s only purpose built platform was not enough. We wanted to help them with their operations, sales and marketing.”

Through the initiative, participants have access to the following portals and resources:

· The Desktone Partner Portal, which is an online solutions center offering marketing collateral, an interactive forum to ask and answer questions, as well as additional documentation.

·  Desktone University online to help partners obtain training and certification programs for technical, sales and marketing professionals.

· Technical support, including installation services, monitoring, testing and help desk support.

·  Professional services from Desktone technical account managers, channel sales managers and project managers to assist with business prospects and deals.

·  Sales and marketing support, as well enablement based on Desktone’s years of experience offering DaaS.

By providing sales training materials, support, as well as marketing enablement content such as lead gen campaigns “in a box,” Desktone will help partners boost sales, furthering the company’s loyalty initiatives among its channel network, Grant explained. Fully integrated with its customer support and engineering departments, Desktone’s program resources are available for partners to interact with technical resources as needed.

“Initially, marketing knowledge was an issue because this is a new technology space,” Grant said. “Because of this, many of our providers had no experience marketing to this segment. Now, they have one place to get all of the marketing ‘in a box’.”




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