Blending Content And Social Strategies To Maximize Real-Time Marketing

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By Brian Anderson, Associate Editor

The content marketing and social media worlds are converging, helping savvy marketers maximize overall brand reach and ROI.

In a recent webinar, titled: How To Impress Your Boss, Get Ahead, And Tighten Your Bottom (Line) In 2014, executives from MarketingProfs discussed key tactics and communication channels that will help marketers reach their content marketing and social media goals for the year.

“When it comes to content marketing and social strategy, the basics are just not enough anymore,” said Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs. “I think real-time marketing is no longer a luxury. It’s increasingly important for marketers to embrace some sort of real-time marketing as part of their content and social strategies.”

Having a real-time strategy in place for content and social media marketing is central to helping businesses stay relevant and consistently engage with partners, prospects and current customers.

“With social media in particular, a lot of times companies try to get their followers to talk about them,” Handley said. “But I think the better model — the better way to engage followers with social — is to talk about what your fans are already talking about and figure out ways to plug into conversations that are already happening.”

The Power Of The Crowd

Social media sites tend to establish online communities that can easily be tapped into. Businesses can easily refer to communities that match their target audience, and leverage trending conversations to create and curate content.

“You can get a lot of story ideas through your social channels just by curating the voices you see on Twitter and Facebook,” Handley noted.

Turning employees into social media brand advocates is another way marketers can stretch the overall reach of their content, while also staying consistent.

“There are some hidden assets within your organization’s workforce that are natural content creators,” Handley explained. “Giving these employees an opportunity to do this for your company only enhances your brand.”

Embracing Big Data

As customer engagement and conversations occur, the variety and velocity of data being created increases. Although the amount of data that comes pouring in can be overwhelming, businesses must measure the data that matters to learn more about their audience, and in turn, develop more personalized content and marketing strategies.

“In 2014, strategy is going to be the name of the game,” Handley concluded. “It’s no longer going to be random acts of content—we’re not going to be producing content for content’s sake. We’re really going to think through how this is going to drive your business, and that means thinking through your overall content strategy and your story as the cornerstone for that.”  


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