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CampaignCore Helps Streamline Local Marketing Planning And Execution

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The Problem:
Brands and manufacturers rely on their partners and franchise owners to deliver quality experiences to end-user customers. A key facet of these exemplary interactions is providing timely offers, messages and other content that is relevant to target audiences and guides them along the browsing and buying journey seamlessly. However, marketing knowledge and skill among partners and resellers still are lagging: only 7% of marketers find local efforts to be successful, according to a recent study from the CMO Council.

The Solution: CampaignCore was created to help ensure partners and affiliates are equipped and prepared to plan and execute campaigns on the local level. Created by Averetek, the engine was designed to tailor campaigns and assets in 17 languages, helping to meet the diverse needs of global partner ecosystems.

The campaign center allows manufacturers/brands to control content, as well as customizable assets and downloadable resources in one central location. Partners can search and review campaigns, review the results, and access/download assets and resources. A resource center also is available in the platform, which empowers partners to find the collateral they need to nurture leads and drive sales. Furthermore, the event and knowledge centers provide specific areas for brands/manufacturers to share marketing resources, as well as information on live and online events, creating a virtual “learning center” for all partners. 

The Perks: While the variety of content and resource tools help improve sales and marketing efforts, other resources were developed to increase loyalty and engagement among partners and affiliates. The marketing store allows organizations to promote approved third-party vendor services for a variety of needs. Furthermore, Averetek can integrate organizations’ marketing stores with MDF/co-funding platforms, which makes the campaign and service redemption process more seamless. Finally, Partner Concierge was added to the platform to help decrease the gap between manufacturers/brands and their partners. In fact, partners that lack in time, resources or marketing experience to execute specific campaigns can request help on a campaign-by-campaign basis. Meaning, Averetek will guide partners through the customized campaign execution process to help meet the needs of every organization. 



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