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Searchmetrics Launches Partner Program

, a search and social analytics software developer, has made new updates to its partner program to provide organizations with more detailed marketing support, training resources and networking opportunities.

The Searchmetrics Partner Network divides members into three categories: service, premium and elite partners. Through the new program, partners will receive greater marketing support with co-branded marketing materials and joint customer acquisition campaigns, including joint webinars.

Companies that join the partner program also will have access to on-site training and demonstrations on Searchmetrics products. Issues and current topics can be discussed via video chat hangouts on Google Plus with Searchmetrics’ experts. More than 150 companies currently are part of the Searchmetrics Partner Network, including SEO and digital marketing agencies.

Thilo Heller, VP of Sales at Searchmetrics, said that the partner program was launched to “offer a complete package of services and holistic care” to assist partners and encourage them to interact and share insights with one another. “We have always worked together successfully with the agencies in our network and want to continue to grow together with our partners. For this, we now offer a complete package of services and holistic care that ensure our partners significant benefits.” 



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