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Blackhawk Engagement Solutions Provides Incentives For All Sales Behaviors


Problem: Today, most vendors only incentivize their reseller partners on sales, versus sales behaviors. However, most channel managers know that their best partners are engaged in behaviors that can drive sales, such as lead generation, deal registration and more.

So, why not incentivize more than just the end result? Oftentimes, because it’s too complex. According to research from Blackhawk Engagement Solutions, 74% of vendors want to run more behavioral incentives, but don’t have the management, tools or staff to handle the data.

The Solution: New technologies in the incentives space are enabling better incentive programs. Recently, Blackhawk Network, a prepaid and payments network, launched its own incentives division, called Blackhawk Engagement Solutions. One of the division’s key focus areas is engagement and incentive solutions for the sales channel.

Working with Blackhawk Engagement Solutions, channel managers can create seamless incentive programs that reward benchmarks throughout the entire sales cycle.

Through proprietary research, tools and partner engagement management technology, Blackhawk Engagement Solutions allows partners to:

  • Launch complex channel incentive programs;
  • Deliver compelling, relevant messages;
  • Educate and train partners;
  • Motivate partner lead generation; and
  • Deliver a single portal for MDF, channel rebates, partner incentives and more.

The Perks: The sales channel is a complicated space, but Blackhawk Engagement Solutions can simplify the complexities of channel management through better insights and flexible channel incentive and Partner Relationship Management technology. Blackhawk Engagement Solutions makes channel incentives seamless by providing:

  • Support for local, national and global programs;
  • Worldwide reach into 130-plus countries with 26 languages;
  • Platform flexibility that simplifies complex channel programs; and
  • In-house marketing and creative services.



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