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News On Demand Helps Vendors Provide Relevant Messages To Partners

The Problem:
Once global vendors establish their channel partner networks, it is essential they remain informed with relevant communications. However, this ongoing engagement process can be a manual and onerous task for vendors, which results in a “one size fits all” approach that fails to engage partners. In fact, email open rates on partner content remain poor for the most part, teetering at about only 20%.

The Solution: Using News on Demand, a solution from Volume, an integrated communication agency, vendors can automate the segmentation of communications. As a result, vendors can deliver relevant messaging to different partner types, and even consider appropriate language selection. This enables a more efficient, streamlined process thus ensuring a successful “gain, train, empower and retain” partner program.

Volume applied behavioral insights optimized by partner persona preferences to create an innovative new approach to partner communication, automating this process for the vendor.

Instead of delivering a ready-made piece of content to partners, Volume engages partners in a two-way conversation, empowering stakeholders to co-create the content being delivered to them. Feeling invested in the process leads to greater engagement.

Through the News on Demand software, a dynamic web-based partner portal, users can set their preferences. For example, they can input job title, interest in reward opportunities and content frequency. Partner communications often can be disregarded as spam, but the solution was designed to put the partner in control, so users are more likely to select and access content and messages in a more timely fashion because they know it will be relevant.

The Perks: The News on Demand solution is designed to meet the growing need for automation, consistency and engagement for content delivery. Across 26,000 executives across 4,800 partner organizations in EMEA, use of the News of Demand software through persona development has sparked an increase in email open rates of up to 66% for partners that entered specific content preferences preferences. 



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