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Pathable Enhances Engagement, Follow-Up For In-Person Events

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 10.36.39 AMThe Problem: Vendors and partners rely on conferences, summits and other events to build relationships, collect feedback and, of course, generate opportunities and leads. However, it is sometimes a challenge for executives to follow-up with new connections in a timely, efficient manner, while delivering the information needed to further the relationship.

The Solution: The Pathable event experience platform is designed to provide conference managers, sponsors, exhibitors and meeting planners a cohesive solution to drive attendee satisfaction, while also optimizing event revenue.

Providing a “digital conference in a box,” Pathable offers a series of features and capabilities to make the pre- and post-event experience as compelling and interactive as the actual conference. For example, organizers, exhibitors and even attendees can access an online agenda, exhibitor listings, interactive EXPO floor maps, surveys, as well as a personal meeting scheduler.

The event platform is available via a mobile app, providing users with a seamless and consistent experience, whether they are accessing event information on their laptops, tablets or smartphones.

The Perks: To help exhibitors and attendees better connect with prospects, Pathable enables users to create profiles that synch with social networking accounts. Additionally, users can tag their profiles based on their expertise, and search for peers that have similar interests. Once attendees connect, they can access each other’s calendars to schedule one-on-one events, and also can engage in meaningful conversations on discussion boards.




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