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TagMan Joins Demandware LINK Technology Partner Program

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TagMan, a provider of tag management, marketing data and attribution solutions, has joined the Demandware LINK Technology Partner Program. The move will enable a pre-built integration between TagMan’s Marketing Data Platform and Demandware Commerce, enabling clients to quickly implement the tag management solution.

“Merchants will be able to configure their own web sites through Demandware and optimize their digital marketing services through TagMan without requiring significant additional development work,” said Steve Murphy, Director of Strategic Partnerships at TagMan. Using TagMan, merchants can configure tag-based marketing solutions and identify revenue-generating channels and increase the efficiency of online marketing services.

Typically, marketers are forced to track vendors and campaigns using tags that are manually coded on web pages. But this process typically can become complex and time consuming, making it difficult to implement campaigns and ensure a seamless customer experience.

As a LINK Technology Partner, TagMan will “make it easy for Demandware customers to install and experiment with tag management” and “experience how Tagman can help simplify marketing operations, drive traffic and increase sales.”  

The new LINK partnership will offer two main improvements for marketers:

  • IntelliTag, which will replace marketers’ tracking tags with a single one, helping to speed up web site load times, and enable more efficient tag management. 
  • The Visual Insight Suite (VIS), which offers a variety of marketing dashboards that help visualize how marketing campaigns interact and impact total sales. Attribution modeling tools also are included to help marketers determine which campaigns and tactics drive sales.  





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