PartnerPortal Helps Vendors Improve Channel Efficiencies

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The Problem:
For any vendor, using an automated partner interface is a great start to managing an efficient channel. These interfaces typically support different channel modules, as well as forms for each of those modules. From time to time, modifications need to be made to these forms, which calls for custom programming by developers. This creates a sluggish workflow, and incurs additional overhead costs that cover the time needed to make these modifications. Aside from overhead costs, modifying forms and other portal content may take days, even weeks.

The Solution: Computer Market Research has released an improved channel management platform, PartnerPortal, to address these challenges. PartnerPortal grants more immediate control to the end-user and eliminates the time delay and costs that are associated with traditional custom development processes. Authorized users have the ability to configure the content within their platform in a matter of minutes.

The Perks: PartnerPortal includes a variety of features and capabilities to improve channel efficiencies, such as:

  • Drag and drop technology, which allows authorized users to easily build and modify fields within each form (Request, Prior Approval, Claim, Payment);
  • User Roles/Security Roles give vendors the ability to manage the different access levels with their partner programs; and
  • The ability to modify the branding, look and feel of partner interfaces without assistance from developers.

PartnerPortal supports several modules to help vendors manage their channels. These modules include Partner Sign-Up, Co-op/MDF, and Deal Registration. Users can create additional programs (like Co-op/MDF) for no cost or set-up/hosting fee.



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