Revenew Helps Activate And Empower Channel Partners

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The Problem:
Communication and collaboration are both key to channel success. But as the marketing ecosystem becomes more complicated and digitally driven, it is sometimes challenging for brands and their partners to execute campaigns and constantly stay up to date on the results they’re garnering.

The Solution: Revenew is a cloud-based distributed marketing automation platform designed to help brands connect with agents, partners and resellers to share content, data and funds in real time. After accessing relevant content, partners can craft and roll out integrated campaigns that are co-branded and targeted to local customers and prospects. Campaigns can extend across multiple channels, from email to search and social media. Detailed program metrics are available at the local partner level once programs are executed, so both parties can receive detailed results and lead data. 

The Perks: Because Revenew is stationed in the cloud, the solution is constantly evolving to include new marketing tools and solutions, offering database integration, APIs, automation and more. Every Revenew users — whether a global brand or small business — has a dedicated account manager who will help develop best-in-class marketing campaigns and support business growth.



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