Zift Solutions Acquires Marketing Advocate

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Zift Solutions
, a provider of channel marketing automation solutions, has acquired Marketing Advocate, one of the key players in the Through-Partner Marketing Automation and channel marketing space.

With both teams bringing more than two decades of channel marketing expertise, the acquisition is positioned to help Zift Solutions reaffirm its commitment to facilitating collaborative sales and marketing initiatives.

Zift Solutions will extend its operations to the Marketing Advocate offices in Centerville, Mass. The Marketing Advocate brand, including all its products and services, will be consolidated into Zift Solutions moving forward.

The combined organization is expected to provide customers with:

  • Enhanced product functionality;
  • A larger global support team; and
  • Expanded capabilities and resources to execute turnkey campaigns for partners.

Ken Romley, President and CEO of Zift Solutions, explained: “We strongly believe that combining the best of both solutions into one cohesive organization will provide customers with expanded product functionality and capabilities, as well as a larger global support team to meet key goals and drive more channel revenue.”



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